All chocolate admirers are invited to try this masterclass to learn to make real chocolate treats and taste them afterwards. Your class will take place in the kitchens of one of the best confectioneries in Ukraine with all necessary equipment and guidance to create chocolates from base ingredients. An expert with many years of experience will be on hand to provide insights into the history of chocolate fabrication and its roots within Ukraine. All of the information you receive will come together as you try to create your own masterpiece over 2 hours. The confectionery industry has developed alongside some of the greatest political and social events throughout the centuries. When the Ukrainian city of Lviv became an administrative centre of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1772, small confectionary factories suddenly gained great importance and reputation. By 1904, the chocolate production within the city was regulated by laws from establishments of the Union of Confectionery Workers of Galicia and Bukovina and all chocolatiers were required all workers to undergo specialised training and pass difficult exams. In 1939, chocolate production was halted during the German occupation of the region during the Second World War. After some decades, it was reborn with great defiance. Chocolates with different, more exotic fillings such as caramel, waffels, biscuits and candies flooded the market after the war and the industry grew in Ukraine with luxury factories in the West. The main product was a dark, rich chocolate with a high concentration of cocoa. Chocolate production is a true art and more popular than ever- with an international chocolate day celebrated each year. World Chocolate Day is celebrated annually on the 11th of July and France is considered the homeland of the day as it was the French that started it in 1995. The young festival quickly became well-known and is now celebrated in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and of course, in Ukraine. So, now its your time to leave your mark in the long-standing tradition and take some home for your family and friends to enjoy your creations. Any questions? Our team of travel experts are ready to help you. This tour can be booked securely in advance online. Just add it to your travel list!

Chocolate Master Class
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