Have you ever wondered how to make good and professional cocktails? Then cocktail master class is definitely what you are looking for. BeInside is proud to offer a one-hour entertaining cocktail making master class which will provide you with more information about the art of mixing drinks. Throughout the experience, you will be accompanied by a professional bartender who will teach you the basics of cocktail making with helpful hints and tips which you will definitely use when you get back home! This is a fun activity which can be done individually or in a group. You will get a chance to observe how the cocktail is made by a master and then try it yourself. This art is one which has long since been practiced, however the word ‘cocktail’ is a relatively new one. When and how the first cocktail emerged nobody knows, although there is one legend as to how the term ‘cocktail’ was coined: This very romantic legend dates back to 1770 when the favourite rooster (cock) of the owner of the bar near New York City’s disappeared. He declared that he who finds the lost rooster will be able to marry his beautiful daughter. After a short while, one army officer returned a cock to the owner of the bar, however with its tail missing. The bar owner had no option but to declare to all visitors to the bar that the soldier shall marry his daughter. The bride-to-be, who worked in her father’s establishment, began to mix different drinks out of excitement, which immediately began to be called “cocktail” (a tail of a cock). The first cocktail recipes have remained to this day. These cocktails were mainly based on gin, which, at the time had a strong sweet taste and therefore was mixed with other drinks to weaken its taste. Cocktails grew in popularity throughout the 20th century and since that time not many of the original recipes have changed. The most important for a drink is to be delicious. This master class will allow you to follow in the footsteps of the bar owner’s daughter and create cocktail masterpieces, with care taken for even the smallest details. The cocktail making process is truly valuable art and this is a great first step to becoming a cocktail artist and an unmissable opportunity to create your own version of Ukrainian alcoholic beverages and taste them in good company. Any questions? Our team of travel experts are ready to help you. This tour can be booked securely in advance online. Just add it to your travel list!

Cocktail Master Class
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