Any fashion is a matter of time and opinion. Someone may think that big striped jeans are fashionable, whilst someone else would never consider wearing them. Fashion is a discussion point and one which is often very diverse and controversial. BeInside Ukraine offers the possibility to see many sides of Kiev modern fashion. We will show you only the trendiest showrooms in order to see how fashion is shaped by the masters of the Kiev fashion scene.  One of the most popular brand is ‘Made in Ukraine’, which produces not only fashionable garments, but also some home furnishings to transform your living space. In addition to this, you will find out more information on other Ukrainian brands, designers and look through examples of their work. Showrooms are special places with an atmosphere of creativity and you will get a chance to immerse into this atmosphere. No fashion tour is complete without consideration of the historic and cultural impact its fashion designers have had on the city. Kiev fashion is about style and taste. Kiev fashion is about vogue and being unapologetically proud of the country whilst showing it off to the whole world. You will quickly realise that Ukrainian fashion masters are in no way inferior to their more famous neighbours. Ukrainian fashion artists have succeeded in reviving an old European style and impose it on modern-day reality. For example, our grandparents still remember old-fashion shoes called ‘Oxfords’ which were popular in the 18th century. Two centuries later, they made a comeback into fashion in 2010. Ukrainian shoe designers made their own contribution to this revival through the production of a collection of modern Ukrainian ‘Oxfords’. As can be seen in the videos on this page, leather woman bags and clutches are nowadays among the most popular female accessories for females. This tour will visit fashionable galleries, each one with its own take on ‘Ukrainian style’. You will be even surprised with the interior of each showroom, as it doesn’t resemble anymore the traditional cloth store most once were.  Now they are art galleries with modern items presented in an extraordinary way, with traditional Ukrainian styles still visible to the avid fashionista. Any questions? Our team of travel experts are ready to help you. This tour can be booked securely in advance online. Just add it to your travel list!

Kiev Fashion
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