Beinside offers to explore modernist cuisine or new trendy style called Molecular gastronomy. You will have an opportunity to visit one of the most famous Ukrainian restaurants and see yourself how the science meets the nature, or in other words how modern dishes with unusual look are created. We invite you to try a delicious set of Ukrainian traditional dishes made in Molecular gastronomy style. It a good chance to discover a yummy trend and immerse into its origins which are taken from the late 90s in Italy. The main reason why you should try Molecular cuisine in Ukraine, but not anywhere else, is that only here it’s possible to try national Ukrainian dishes (like borsch, dumplings, banosh with cheese) prepared in an unusual way with weird-looking. But it will still save that delicious Ukrainian taste. Initially, molecular cuisine was a scientific experiment of two physicists who were in love with cooking. In the nineties they organized the first conference on the study of prescriptions and the provision of scientific opinions in relation to the customary cooking processes. So it is considered as the first step in the development of understanding of what we actually eat and how it can be improved. When cooking, the supporters of “molecular cuisine” take into account the physical and chemical mechanisms responsible for the transformation of ingredients during the cooking of food. In particular, one postulate is that heat treatment temperature is more important than the duration of cooking in order to achieve the desired doneness of the product. Molecular Cuisine is a deception of the senses: you will be brought the food, and its smell will be supplied separately. And though it may sound anecdotal, but it is reality. And the reality is harmless – the majority of the molecular cuisine refers to dietary. Just unusual appearance, an unusual taste and aroma. But this effect is achieved by the use of special equipment, various devices and the unique technology of cooking. It is worth saying that there are experienced chiefs of Molecular gastronomy in Ukraine too. They work in the restaurant where you will be taken and they obtain a high level of expertise to satisfy your belly and soul. And don’t forget that you will be able to observe the process of preparation to be sure that you are supposed to try real Ukrainian Molecular gastronomy.

Molecular Gastronomy
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