Beinside offers you a tour to discover the hidden labyrinth of drain system of Kiev. It is going to be a captivating urban walk with a duration of 3 hours. And you will get a unique chance to explore the underground world of a tunnel built in 1916 with an approximate length of 1,5 km. We promise that you will have a journey into urban life of Kiev, which is unknown even for its residents. During the trip you will be accompanied by a professional guide called digger, so it will maximize the level of your safety. Who are these people, who joyfully get out of the hatchway of the metropolitan sewage: young, grimy, wet and do not look like repairmen? They call themselves diggers (from the English ‘Digger’). Diggers are not treasure hunters – a passion for research pulls them to go under the land. Indeed, it is interesting to study, photograph and map poorly studied and abandoned dungeons of Kiev. This is a completely different world – it has its own laws and its own life. Total length of tunnel collectors in Kiev is 775,6 kilometers. The sewage network reaches a length of 2,500 km. The majority of drainage systems is built on the slopes of the Dnieper – from the Botanical Garden to the Postal Square. A lot of them you can find on the slopes of Podil, Velyka Zhytomyrska, st. Frunze and others. By its         microclimate, these systems resemble karst caves. Although there is no process of dissolution of the rocks, but an identical process of secondary karst forms takes place: stalactites, stalagmites, cave pearls, sinters and draperies. There are many legends told by diggers. These are soul-curdling stories about the caves under the old churchyard. There are ghosts who stretch their bony hands to the researchers, and then “fall through” the floor or under the water. It is often mentioned about the abandoned cemetery on the Castle. In the dungeons of the fort on Bald Mountain occasionally unnatural terrible howl can be heard. What about the outfit or professional clothes to be safe under the ground? Well, you will equipped with a special clothes to protect while being underground. Digger’s outfit is a hybrid of speleological and tourist clothes. Minimum set: flashlights, a knife, a pair of ropes with carabiners – just in case. The helmet will protect your head from the protruding pieces of valves and pipes; sturdy shoes – from broken glass. Also a waterproof backpack with some food might be useful. Before starting the journey you will be given all the elements and only then it will be your way to go.

Underground Walk
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