Beinside offers a 3-hour tour of tasting Ukrainian traditional wine. You will be surprised that Ukraine is famous not only for food, national vodka, but we are also good experts and producers of wine. Your trip to Ukraine is the ideal opportunity to experience the best of Ukrainian wine. During this tour you will taste different types of wine from several regions of the country and compare your friends. A professional sommelier will accompany throughout and will advise you on how to distinguish a good quality wine. Ukraine has a well-established, reputed wine industry with some Ukrainian wines being exported to neighboring countries, the European Union and the countries of North America. Winemaking in the modern-day Ukrainian territory first appeared in the XI century in the northern part of the country, around Kiev and Chernigov, with the first wine makers being monks. Historically, the wine-growing regions of modern Ukraine were part of different countries, and were inhabited by different peoples, and still differ sharply by climatic conditions. In Soviet times, Ukraine, with a total vineyard area of 2500 square kilometers, was the largest supplier of wines to the USSR. In 1986, around 800 km² of vineyards were destroyed during the anti-alcohol campaign launched by Mikhail Gorbachev. Since 2000, the production and export of wine are growing. Many varieties of grapes can be grown throughout the territory of Ukraine. However, the most favorable conditions for its growth are observed in regions with mild winters and long hot summers. Wine is produced in Southern Bessarabia, in the northern Black Sea region and in Transcarpathia. Among the largest producers are Shabo (Odessa region), Agrofirm “Belozersky” (Kherson region), Odessavinprom (trademark French Boulevard), French Grape Technologies. As well as official wine production, Ukraine is famous for “garage winemaking”- the production of small batches of wine in individual households. Ukraine is proud of its “garage winemakers” which, unlike amateur home winemakers, is carried out by professionals. The best “garage producers” have received international reputations and have even won competitions against private wineries. Ukraine’s supply of winemaking professionals, grapes and technical expertise is abundant- come and see taste the fruits of our labour! Any questions? Our team of travel experts are ready to help you. This tour can be booked securely in advance online. Just add it to your travel list!

Ukrainian Wine Tasting
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