Cameras at the ready! Beinside offers this unforgettable walking tour around some of Kiev’s most secret and hidden street mural sites. If you think that Kiev is only about Maidan, Khreshatyk and ancient sites, you couldn’t be more wrong. Just like other European cities of its age, Kiev has its own unexplored sights which typically missing from most maps and guidebooks and far from the tourist’s eye. Whilst on this tour, you will become familiar with the mural culture of the Ukraine’s capital city through stories of the meanings behind each piece and the lives of the artists that created them. The vast majority of Kiev tour packages do not cover such artistic spots so recent in the city’s diverse history. The overall duration is around 3 hours, enough time to see many of Kiev’s murals, including those in Landscape Alley and those with a deeper historical or revolutionary meaning. Have you ever wondered about the lesser known, often unexplored places in a city? For example, Berlin has its own secrets of the Great Wall and ghetto district, Paris has its undiscovered mysteries connected with the Louvre museum and even Amsterdam has its secret spots in the Red Light District. So no wonder that Kiev, as one the oldest European cities, has its unexplored secrets too. Our city is beloved by artists from many countries and many have left their mark on Kiev’s history and buildings, meaning their work is not a reflection of one culture alone but that of many countries including Spain, the UK, Austria and Brazil. The stories our guides are waiting to tell you are those rarely heard by most tourists to the city- a real gem for the serious tourist who enjoys the lesser-trodden path. Any questions? Our team of travel experts are ready to help you. This tour can be booked securely in advance online. Just add it to your travel list!

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