We strongly believe that gastronomy is a key element of national identity and key to understanding Ukrainian culture- it is said: ‘Learning about Ukrainian food is the best way to learn about Ukrainian soul’. Kiev is definitiely a place where the best of regional dishes come together, with establishments serving dishes from the Western Oblasts, Crimean Tatar traditions and Ukraine’s centre. Naturally, these restaurants are the experts in creating some of Ukraine’s most famous traditional dishes such as the Borsch beetroot soup and herby dumplings. With every bite, you will feel as if you know us just that little bit better. Despite Kiev’s strong link to traditional regional cuisine, of late restaurants have begun to thrive across the city specialising in dishes from other European countries and far-away continents as well as cuisines desigined for those following a special date such as vegetarianism and veganism. We feel that it is important for any visitor to experience both the traditional and the modern side of the Ukrainian gastronomic scene and with such a variety of cuisines and very different restaurant designs and atmospheres, there’s never been a better time to be a curious foodie in Kiev.  We offer three different crawl routes, all you need to do is make the choice and we will make sure it’s an unforgettable treat for your tastebuds…

  • Authentic Ukrainian: A selection of Kiev’s best traditional restaurants, serving modern-style dishes based on traditional recipes from Ukraine’s diverse regions.
  • Podil International: Podil is Kiev’s historic and trendiest district with a young, diverse population, making its contemporary, world cuisine some of the most delicious and unexpected in Kiev.
  • Vegetarian Heaven: A meat-free medley of specialist restaurants throughout Kiev combining veggie-friendly versions of local dishes with international flavours.

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