Chernobyl has become a very popular tourist destination in Ukraine over recent years. The Forbes Magazine listed Chernobyl among the “most exotic” tourist destinations. Travellers can stay up to 4-5 days on some routes without risk, and up to 24 hours in the 10km zone. BeInside proposes a one day trip to this abandoned city of world history departing from Kiev. This really is a day full-trip, departing at 8am and returning at 9pm. The trip includes a private visit of the following sites accompanied by an expert guide: the abandoned town of Chernobyl, the Duga Radar, the early Soviet over-the-horizon radar for anti-ballistic missile system, the territory of the Nuclear Power Station, the New Safe Confinement known as a “Shelter-2” and the abandoned town of Pripyat. In addition to this, you will see the iconic abandoned park of attractions, school, cinema and stadium as well as other sites. The check in and check out system at the border of the Chernobyl zone includes passport control. Historical background: Pripyat is the world-famous Ukrainian ghost town.  Only 30 years ago the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, located 18 kilometers from the city of Chernobyl, 16 kilometers from Belarus and 110 kilometers from Kyiv, produced 10% of Ukraine’s electricity. On the 26th of April 1986, the largest and most damaging nuclear accident in history occurred, rated 7 out of 7 on the INES scale. The explosion which destroyed the fourth reactor caused a terrible fire and released deadly radioactive substances into the atmosphere. The area of 130 thousand square kilometers with a population of over 5 million was severely polluted. A huge radioactive cloud appeared and spread to the northern part of Ukraine, Belarus and to Europe. The evacuation of Pripyat was not immediate; it started only a day after the disaster. The pine forest between the city and Chornobyl nuclear power plant under the effect of radiation became a “Red Forest” – 10 sq km area of trees killed and painted in brownish-red colour because of the extremely high dose of radiation they had absorbed. During the work to decontaminate the area, bulldozers demolished the forest then all the trees were buried. The land around Chernobyl was famous for its great panoramas, fertile gardens, and beautiful resting places. Now it is an ‘exclusion zone’. Life goes on here, but it couldn’t be more different than before the accident. The poignant messages of graffiti and installations that constantly appear in Pripyat ghost city are proof that “stalkers”, those who illegally enter the area, continue to live in abandoned buildings. Furthermore, many people who couldn’t face permanently leaving their homes returned to the zone and have settled in 11 settlements. The nature reserve inside the exclusion zone has become home to 400 species of animals, birds and fish. The most noticeable change, however, is the amount of tourists who now visit the towns and the zone. This apocalyptic disaster affected the life of every Ukrainian. Yet, it became a global symbol of nuclear danger, and moreover an all-important reminder that people are not all-powerful; we must learn to protect the environments we live in. This is undeniably a once-in-a-lifetime experience and one you’ll never forget. Any questions? Our team of travel experts are ready to help you. This tour can be booked securely in advance online. Just add it to your travel list!

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