Kievan Rus’ was baptized by Volodymyr The Great in 988. Since that time the whole empire became orthodox. So it is a world-known date to consider the beginning of Christianity in Kiev. In this tour you will be offered to visit the most important religious places which are included into the list of world’s heritage. For example, Saint Sophia Cathedral is one of the most popular. It was built in the center of Kiev in the 11th century by the son of Volodymyr Yaroslav The Wise. Today the cathedral is the heart of the National Reserve “Sophia of Kyiv”, one of the largest museum centers in Ukraine. Another famous religious point will be Vydubychi Monastery, a remarkable sight for Christianization which is still operating and includes pottery and weaving workshops. And of course your eyes will be amazed by the internal mural-painting of St. Volodymyr Cathedral, the main temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. You will have a chance to pray or listen to the service. Kiev has a rich orthodox history because all the princes who ruled Kievan Rus’ were very religious people and wanted to leave some memories. The most important and significant event which initiated the construction of such cultural and religious monuments it was a Baptism of Kiev Rus’. Volodymyr The Great is considered to be the forefather of Christianity in Kievan Rus’. The adoption of Christianity contributed to the development of architecture and art in its medieval forms, the penetration of the Byzantine culture as a successor of the ancient tradition. It was especially important to spread the Cyrillic alphabet and book tradition: after the baptism of Rus the first monuments of Old Russian literary culture arose. The adoption of Christianity as the state religion inevitably entailed the elimination of the pagan cults enjoyed before the grand patronage. Thus, in Volodymyr Baptism the Rus’ Church was born, and not temples or a new political mentality, but the great beginning of all that is now associated with the ancient Rus’ culture and spirituality, and not only ancient. Some historians say that orthodoxy victory gave Rus’ its thousand-year history. Beinside offers you an exciting journey into the world of Kiev orthodox religion. We hope it will bring you new knowledge and understanding the sense of the capital city of Ukraine from past, present and future prospective.

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