Beinside offers an unforgettable tour along all mysterious and secret places of Kiev. If you think that Kiev is only about Maidan, Khreshatyk and ancient sites you are under a delusion… As one of those mystic old cities of Europe, Kiev has its own unexplored sights. These are typically new and intricate places and spots for an eye of a regular tourist. Beinside wants you to get you acquainted with mural culture of the capital city of Ukraine, show its street art masterpieces and present the most talented authors of it. Average Kiev tour package normally does not include exploring post-revolutionary places, mural wall graffiti, fairytale landscapes… But the tour offered by Beinside team will help you discover such places and take some memorable photos during it. The overall duration is about 2 hours and during this time you will be able to visit such places as Landscape alley, post-revolutionary open air museum, and street graffiti with a deep sense of Ukrainian history. Have you ever wondered about any unexplored feature in each city? For example, Berlin has its own secrets of the Great Wall and ghetto district, which keep the mystery of past events, Paris has its undiscovered mysteries connected with Eiffel Tower and even Amsterdam has its secret spots on the Red Light District… So no wonder that Kiev as one the oldest European cities has its unexplored secrets and places too. The city is beloved by artists from many countries, that’s why it is not only the capture of a single culture, it is rather a mix of international talented individuals who came here for a while left their trace in the history of the city. You can find here an expression of a modern society of the artists from Spain, England, Austria, Brazil. Unexplored Kiev is interesting because this culture is not discovered yet, thus the paths to these places are not trodden. It is probably a treasure itself that a real tourist is looking for. When you are travelling to another city, isn’t it an urban culture or different unconventional features that you are eager to discover? If so, then this tour package is definitely what are aimed to see in Kiev. Don’t hesitate to ask our travel expert about the details of the tour and book it in advance! Beinside wishes you a wonderful trip!

L’art mural de Kiev
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