Full day in Chernobyl
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Full day in Chernobyl

A full-day private trip to Chernobyl will shed light on the events of 1986 which sent ripples through Ukraine and the entire world. Abandoned city due to the explosion at the Nuclear Power station, it has been recently approved for visiting. A one day tour comprises the following sites: exploring the town of Chernobyl; visiting Duga Radar, the early Soviet over-the-horizon radar for anti-ballistic missile system; the territory of the Nuclear Power Station, the New Safe Confinement, known as a “Shelter-2” and a walking tour of the town of Pripyat. You will visit the abandoned park of attractions and iconic Ferris wheel, school, cinema, stadium and other sites. The check in and check out system at the border of Chernobyl zone includes passport control. This tour comprises of a full 12-hour immersive excursion exploring the zone in its entirety with your own personal expert guide every step of the way. It’s the full monty! Booking in advance is required for this tour.

    • Per person
    • Price, €
    • 5-10
    • 130
    • 2-4
    • 178
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    • 306
  • 1 day trip
  • Driving tour
  • Local guide
  • Exploration
  • Food and drinks
  • Medical Insurance
Program: Be history
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