Discover Lviv

Lviv is in the heart of Western Ukraine. Its a quaint city rich in historic architecture, cafe-lined cobbled streets, colourful squares and hidden courtyards dating back centuries. It is often compared to cities of the Czech Republic and Poland for its fairytale bell towers and cultural significance. At only 5 hours by train from Kiev, its unique ambiance and charm await you.

Discover Odessa

Ukraine's third biggest city is a Black Sea jewel and culturally and historically unique. Its location has lead to its prosperity as an important port city and tourism hotspot. With its wide pedestrian promenades, sandy beaches, watersports facilities and soaring summer temperatures, Odessa is the perfect destination for seaside, relaxion holidays.

Travel to the Carpathians

Rolling green hills and steep rocky peaks meet in the vast Carpathian mountain range in Ukraine's South-West. A region known for its forests, wildlife, small rural villages and dramatic hazy views, the Capathians is a photographer's paradise and ideal for those wishing to escape the bustle of the city, experience life with no neighbours and do outdoor activities. Hiking and paragliding are popular in the summer months and skiing and snowboarding in the winter.

All around Ukraine

Ukraine is much more than the stories its cities have to tell. Experience the regional and cultural diversity of our country on an immersive 10-day adventure from West to South passing through cities, towns, villages and rural landscapes. This is the best way to best of Ukraine and truly experience the lives of those who call it home. Finishing in Kiev, you will be able to see how all the cultures you've witnessed come together in Ukraine's eclectic capital.


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