The UNESCO city of Lviv, located in Ukraine’s west, is one of those places that all the best adjectives fail and which quite rightfully competes with Kiev in terms of culture, history and charm. Unlike the Ukrainian capital, the city centre of Lviv is compact and enclosed within a pedestrian area, in which tourists on foot reign as they explore the diverse cultural offering of their fairytale setting of church towers, belfries and tall, narrow terrace buildings. Centred around the colourful Rynok (market) square, the long boulevards of Kiev are replaced by a labyrinth of quaint, cobbled streets each conceiling a new surprise from different epochs for the curious explorer. Ask any Ukrainian and their associations with Lviv would be be its panoramic viewpoints, the architecture lining its narrow passageways, tradition for roasting coffee and crafting handmade chocolates, its iconic Opera House, museums and the relaxed ambiance of its streets, hidden courtyards and coffee shop terraces.  A trip to Lviv is a chance to relax and be enriched simply by being there and wandering mapless through its streets to unknown hidden gems. Lviv is wildly different to the hustle and bustle of Kiev and a guaranteed treat for the camera lens, tastebuds and the soul. What’s more, Lviv’s location makes it the ideal stopover between Kiev and the western Oblasts and neighbouring countries, with the opportunity to accostom oneself to the distinct way of life and calm to be found in these parts of Ukraine. Any questions? Our team of travel experts are ready to help you. This tour can be booked securely in advance online. Just add it to your travel list!


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