Located in the south of Ukraine, Odessa has been inevitably shaped by its geographical position on the Black Sea and its fame as a thriving port for both to trade and tourism. The majestic, internationally-inspired architecture and its many pristine beaches are the main attraction of this city, with its Opera House being considered unique and one of the best in Europe and people from all over Ukraine and neighbouring nations heading to its abundance of public sandy beaches or to the sun beds of its private, yet affordable beach clubs to soak up the summer sun. Ukraine’s southernmost metropolis is characterised by some of the widest and architecturally significant boulevards in the country, lined with gardens and trees- not to mention its glistening seaside promenade, resembling those of southern France. Despite being easily accessible from Kiev with multiple intercity trains leaving the capital throughout the day, Odessa’s unique, seaside atmosphere makes it feel worlds away. It is the ideal location for a seaside break or for cultural escapism, with the city and the surrounding oblast being a ‘hotspot’ for amateur historians and sommeliers. On the same latitude as Bordeaux in France, the Odessa region is the location of the vast majority of Ukraine’s vineyards as well as being fame for showcasing the country’s rich history all in one place with a plethora of castles and hillside manor houses. For those wishing to relax, Odessa’s local wines and culinary specialities can be savoured whilst sat upon the terrace of a promenade-side bar or café, admiring the sun fall below the Black Sea horizon.  Any questions? Our team of travel experts are ready to help you. This tour can be booked securely in advance online. Just add it to your travel list!


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